[Broken Sanity Roleplay]Now Hiring Police and EMS|Legal/Illegal Jobs|Black Market|Robberies|Custom Cars


We are a new public esx server that has been out for about 1 month now. We are looking for active roleplayers who would like to join us as we continue to grow. We are a friendly helpful community come join us today.

Info you will need
Server IP/
Discord/ https://discord.gg/cGdDcHD

Pictures of some of our stuff will be posted soon
Please feel to ask any questions


Bad server, they ban you for legitimately making money. Don’t waste your time here like we did.


Staff side with police even when they metagame, rdm, and failrp. There were multiple reports on the same cop by about 5 member and the staff still did nothing. Wouldn’t recommend


you got caught using exploits


yea you can get your crappy attitude off the server and go back to ADPS you have no idea what happened with the cop you reported someone off what a couple of your lying friends said so don’t be salty bashing my server


No. You don’t know your own jobs on the server. Do the tailoring job your self and you’ll see how fast it is with your own car.

Also the cops are power hungry abusing their power and getting away with it. It’s a shit server run by 12 year old peanut brains.