Broken Police Lights



The lights are broken, all the data files are placed correctly, I have no idea what is the issue, pleas help


how is a screenshot of the game and fivem going to help us find the error?


The lights are working on the car, to show how it is


We need you to
-Show us the source code.
-Tell us which of the two cars it is that doesn’t work in the screenshot.
-List any errors your console(F8) is spitting out.


Look like ELS vehicle without RadianceV to me…


F8 has nothing, its a texture or something, the police car’s sirens are, no ELS involved


If you think it’s a texture check it with OpenIV, check youtube for how to do that. There are dozens of tutorials.


I know OpenIV, its clean in there


When you turn on the lights do the tail lights only flash?


Vig wags work, and the siren does as well, but its doesnt make any light (on the ground, lens flare, coronas, nothing)


Do you have a link to the car like on LSPDFR or GTA5mods?


Enter “retro” on the GTA 5 Mods, and there should be a BIIIIIG pack


Read the comments on the post, everyone is complaining the pack is broken. You need the gameconfig.xml ect