[Brohypes-Carpack] Perfect for roleplay


Alright so as the topic says this is a carpack with the actual addons perfekt for RP Servers

[Audi Rs6] Model-name > [rs6]
[Audi Rs7] Model-name > [2013RS]
[Audi R8] Model-name > [r8ppi]
[Bmw M4] Model-name > [F82]
[Bmw M5] Model-name > [BMCI]
[Bmw M2] Model-name > [m2f22]
[Bmw M6] Model-name > [M6F13]
[Mercedes C63 Amg] Model-name > [C63W205]
[Mclaren 650S] Model-name > [650SLW]
[Brabus 700] Model-name > [BRABUS700]
[Audi Rs3] Model-name > [RS318]
[Audi Rs4] Model-name > [RS4AVANT]
[Audi Rs5] Model-name > [RS52018]
[Bmw I8] Model-name > [I8]
[Bmw I8] Model-name > [rmodbmwi8]
[Bmw M3] Model-name > [M3F80]
[Vw Toureg] Model-name > [R50]
[Mercedes G65] Model-name > [G65]
[Nissan Gtr] Model-name > [gtr]
[Range Rover Evoque] Model-name > [evoque]

Install Tutorial for ESX

  1. Go into your FXserver\resources
  2. Place the car folders you want running here
  3. Open your server.cfg add start [Foldername]
  4. Go into your database find Vehicles table
  5. Insert new row for each car edit with price you want
  6. you will see name, model, price and category
  7. Name (Will be the name in car dealership name it as u wish)
  8. Model this has to be the model-name of the car example [M6F13]
  9. Price is the price the car will cost in the dealership
  10. Category is where in the dealership you will sell your cars example (sportcars) or (Muscle cars) i just made a new list with customcars to do that you have to go to the table vehicle_categories and add Customcars its easy and takes about 30 secounds


[Added Audi Rs3]
[Added Audi Rs4]
[Added Audi Rs5]
[Added Bmw I8]
[Added Bmw I8 +]
[Added Bmw M3]
[Added Vw Toureg]
[Added Mercedes G65]
[Added [Range Rover Evoque]
[Fixed Problem with Bmw m5]

Version 1.1
[Download] ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bsiinmi6ms9iv8/[Brohypes%20Carpack]version%201.1.rar?dl=0 )



Hello, are you wanting this moved to releases?


You should probably include who is then :wink:


yah ive sent message for it


Yes i will add it in thread soon iam serching for all the creators


very nice job. Theres also a nice Audi RS3 and RS4 modable. This would complete the pack :slight_smile:
Thanks for the nice release. This save us a lot of time.


Yes, nice cars and all, but what it makes “perfekt” for RP? O.o


Well its common cars. cars that people dream about in RL people wants to have those in Roleplay and why i putted it like perfekt cuz it all drop right into the server and vehicle system in ESX ofcourse the cars aint perfekt yet iam still working on the handling to get them as close as possible to perfect also adding more cars into this package like [UltraTM] noticed about the rs3 it will be added very soon and the package will keep updating


The RS6 has the problem it spawns everytime with a random livery. When you buy it or put it out of the garage

Fixed it by editing the carvartions and the ytd file


Ideally, you can disable random livery changes in vehicles.meta (delete FLAG VEHICLE HAS LIVERY) or you can even make liveries as tuning option in LSC as on my server.


Thanks you
Can you please change the link of download its very low ?


Would you have a chance to add the BMW I8? Everyone asks for it. Handling is great on it.


Would be nice how to add that they are able to change in lscustoms.


I’ve asked one modder and he sent me this video. It’s bit messy, but it’s all there.

You will need Zmodeler though.


Boring download link…what do you want with this, earning money? Use google or dropbox please like every niceguy, thx


using this right now thanks only problem is with some cars dosnt have breaking chassis


Will this carpack impact on performance of the server or client side? I ask because i know alot of these models have over 500k polys. Or doesnt that matter?


As @Scott_UK said you should link credit to each and every creator, you are putting effort into putting them into a pack but the modelers spent hours upon hours converting and making these cars for GTA:V. -Eden


Lag in a box?

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