Bright Serverside Police lights


Hello all!
I’d like to ask for some help with police lights,

I was doing some research on how some servers have bright police lights (it reflects off walls etc),
I found that you could stream carivations file serverside to make it brighter, i have found some carivation files however i wasn’t able to get any of them successfully to the brightness that i thought was good enough.

If you have knowledge about any files that do this, let me know!

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Server-side carcols.meta police light reflections (ENV)
More Reflective Lighting

Are you talking about making the lights brighter?

If you are, then you need to replace the visualsettings.dat file in your FiveM Common folder to be able to do that.

For reflections of the walls, I believe that is with the carcols file. not sure on that!


where is this located please


I said in your fivem common folder. Meaning that you will go into your then common then data


Would this mean be client side only? Not server side? Just thought I’ll ask the question


yep client only. FiveM can’t stream a visualsettings.dat file yet… Hopefully one day. You could make a set of user files. I would give you my .dat file but is made for our cars… There is plenty of modded visualsettings.dat files around on sites like , etc.

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Sadly I can’t convert mods to FiveM I tryed in past I struggle would be ok if someone did a tut that was up to date and explained it for people that use zap hosting windows


It is a setting in the carcols.meta (we have all blue lights on our server so I had to add them for every vehicle). The vehicles have to have coronas for it to work but you increase the setting (drastically) and you get the crazy enviro lights. I don’t remember the setting off hand but I will post an update when I get home from work with the exact line. This is our server (40 second mark shows what I’m talking about):


Yea please I need help with that


I managed to do the lighting hella brighter but I did something bad that made some lights blink 1 meter from the car.


I checked captain14’s carvariation. And copied it into my car. I did make my car alot brighter but it fucked everything up because I have replace cars I think. Idk what to do.


There is only one line you need to change in the carcols.meta (and again the vehicles must have coronas or it won’t do anything):

<lightFalloffMax value="10.00000000"/> is typically a value of 10 or less by default so change it to:

<lightFalloffMax value="120.00000000"/>

And you will def see a difference (again dependant on the coronas built into the vehicle model).

Hope this helps!


What exactly is coronas?


I want to fix my own cars because I tried captain14’s carvariations and carcols but the lights just flashes everywhere else not on the car


His carvariations and carcols are specifically designed for his vehicles. You won’t be able to use them with other models.


Technically you can use them with other vehicles whether or not it looks good is another story


i did what you said, didnt see a difference, is there anything else i need to change?


Use modified carcols?


This might be helpful