Brazillians Servers has been attacked!



The Brazilian Roleplay servers is facing a big problems, the server “Brasil Nemesis Sao Paulo RP” administered by “Loris” , He has been trying to made the RP community as a War in other to get monopoly of Brazillian rp servers!

I came here to ask the Fivem Community a solution for this because It is ruining the Brazilian roleplay development!

His servers IPs ,


He uses DDoS attack’s or something like this on every brazilian RP severs. Something have to be done!!


I agree with everything you said and I confirm


Damn, RP communities are so toxic enough for DDOS attacks to happen.


If you have issues with deliberate attacks on your server and you know the culprit, then contact
Please provide proof that the attacks are indeed orginating fromt that specific server.


i don’t think nowadays the brazillian RP communities are so toxic that u thing (unfortunately, i don’t know about communities outside Brazil). The only problem we have is this guy loris (he’s italian), besides that the administrators are united for get better development !

Thanks a lot!





Actually this has caused too much problems in Brazilian servers, impossible to play!


DDoS attacks… Get proper protection like an enterprise-grade permenant DDoS mitigation?


Have you tried a new server provider? I’m with and they have great anti ddos protection. I used to get hit all the time and now nothing touches me


umh?? ok…explain to me why i receive the some attack in my server?

my community too is attacked from ddos… u need screenshots?

and is not a brasilian server…and is a ITALIAN server… sorry my english … and
you have accused me … I would like some evidence about it plz… i dont have time…for this…


emhs…frist screenshot


you officially declared that my community attacked the other servers I showed that I’m not now I WANT the demonstrations that I was or I apologize for a ticket I asked for the ban of who put this post


How about taking this conversation somewhere else :pensive:


the Brazilian community has repeatedly attempted to close the server (the owners of other servers) this is not the first and not even the last attack we get to try to discredit the server now … as I put some evidence I want the same proofs that the nemesis community does these attacks.


Guys don’t be idiots.

LorisC, If there is any issue the FiveM team I’m sure will contact you directly, for now, ignore random accusations. Drama is not appreciated.

To the OP and “others” - Throwing accusations at people randomly is dumb. You have an official way to contact the FiveM team. Please use that method. Anything else is just stirring up trouble.



Ping ponging around accusations isn’t going to benefit anyone.


solution has been given and the topic derailed.

time to close this topic