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Hello! I have such a problem, I can not play and go to your site, because Roskomnadzor blocked the ip address of the site and your site is on the same ip address, so I can not go, soon a lot of people in Russia will block this ip, you can either make a mirror with another IP address or change the IP address of the site, but I ask, I do not have the money to constantly sit through VPN, or else a lot of people from Russia will not be able to play with you!imageimage


Who exactly “blocked” this ip range? im confused as to what you are even trying to ask here.

Was it a FiveM RP server or was it FiveM itself? i just dont understand.


If I am correct, I have seen a support forum like this before. I think, from my own point of view, Russia does not want any connection to the United States or European countries do to what is happening from todays stand point. Here is another previous report coming from someone in Russia as well.



There’s not much FiveM can do about this, the quoted post above explains why.

On a side note, please don’t create multiple topics about the same thing. I’ve closed your other 2 topics that were recently posted regarding the same question.


The fact that the provider refers to the decision of Roskomnadzor and simply refuses and refers to the fact that I turned to you, in their opinion, it all depends on you, maybe you should talk to the hosting about changing the ip to another, if possible?

Simply on the same ip is a site that distributes pirated content, so it is blocked by Roskomnadzor

I think that they have many different ip addresses


not possible as Cloudflare uses the same IP addresses for multiple services


Can you have any ideas on this?
Just complain to the provider is useless


@Asq, again:

It’s not like FiveM can go talk to the Russian government and tell them to unblock the site.


That would make the news tho.


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