Boondock County Roleplay ● Now Hiring Admin and Moderators ● Based in Blaine County


Boondock County Roleplay is a new community that has just concluded its development phase and is now looking for new members to fill the various roles of the server.

With roleplay centered around Blaine County, we hope the smaller region will foster a more intimate family environment for our members. Because we understand that a server is nothing without it’s community, we want everyone to feel as though they’re a part of the family. We are very open to feedback and strive to cultivate an environment where all feel welcome and valued regardless of their level of experience or status.

If this sounds like the kind of place where you might feel at home, we’d love for you to stop by and say hi! Get creative, share your ideas, help us make this a place you want to return to day after day.


About the Server
Boondock County uses the ESX framework, meaning we have jobs & money and you must work to afford vehicles and (later) homes. We do not allow the use of trainers.

→ Age 16+
→ Microphone


  • Trunk Space
  • Realistic Vehicle Damage
  • Jobs (Lumberjack, Mining, Fishing, Taxi, Drugs)
  • Whitelisted Police, EMS, and Mechanics
  • Creative Freedom! We have minimal restrictions in order to promote creativity, and are constantly evolving thanks to the feedback provided by our community.




  • Administrator and Moderators
  • Sheriff’s Office
  • Fire-EMS
  • Mechanic
  • Content writers and other useful technically-minded folks. Want to help out in some other way? Let us know!

We’re recruiting for, well, everything! Except the kitchen sink… we’ve got that covered. At this time we do not require previous experience, but applicants must 16 years of age or older. If you would like to log on and start playing as a civilian, we aren’t whitelisted so you can do so right now! If you are wanting to become a member of the Sheriff’s department, EMS team, or a Mechanic you can find the application here.

Rules can be found in Discord. Please read them before joining the server.


Hey guys, we’re still actively recruiting to fill all roles including: Sheriff’s Department officers, EMS chief & paramedics, Mechanic chief & staff. We are also looking for skilled and creative folks who would like to use their talents in other ways.

If you wish to help out in any way please apply here or join us in Discord. We’d be happy to have you!


Just wanna bump this up to the top!


Bump! I plan to come back and update the post with new information as soon as possible. We’re in full creative mode right now. Come, join us!


We are hiring an administrator and some moderators, as well as whatever other creative or technical help someone wants to provide. Join us in Discord to discuss the possibilities.