Blue Line Gaming is looking for new members to join! We are a RP community using the FiveM platform for GTAV. The goal of Blue Line Gaming is to provide a RP experience like no other. I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot but we mean it. Our RP group was built with serious RP in mind for members, providing a one of the most realistic depiction of the operations of an actual agency. We’re currently recruiting for Law Enforcement, Communications, Civilians and Fire/Rescue. Our server features custom cars that are made by our members for our community, EUP, ELS and a custom MDT with in-game integration.
What sets us apart from other communities?
Blue Line Gaming was designed from the ground up with 1 goal in mind, realism through enjoyment. This means that we want to have a realistic community with professionalism however we’re down to have fun since we’re all human. We have several custom/unique cars that were made by members of our group, for our group. We also have several scripts that integrate into our MDT system. Lastly, we really only play on weekends because most of our members are busy during the week. Fill out an application here: and join our discord here: or here:


we are still looking for members that are intrested in serious rp we have a working custom DOJ style cad custom scripts we use els and have a custom fleet


Bump. We’re still recruiting for all divisions!


Daily bump, more details in the very first post!


The discord link is invalid. Please post one that does not expire.




Still expired because your using the same link as you used in the topic above.


This should work as I literally just created it:


Daily bump, more details in the very first post!


Daily bump, details in the first post!


Daily bump, we’re still in active development but we’re actively recruiting! If you want to join an amazing team of people with flexible patrolling times, apply!



Upon request.