Blue Country Roleplay | EUP | Friendly and Fun community | Hiring all departments! | 16+ Only


I went through a lot on this server, I would pretty much say it was a adventure for me.
First i went to the director called Hero. And he has done a little interview with me. I helped that guy a lot. He helped me a lot to be honest. 3 months ago when the community started, I helped my man Hero to get vehicles hire staff and all that.
2 months ago, I told him that we are going to be succesful and that we will be starting to grow.
I told him to trust me and all that, but when i said trust me, he actually started trusting me.
And we went from a total of 9 members, to a about 100 that got recruited into our community.
Now I can succesfuly say. We are a Official Community with succesful and great people.
David My.


We have reached 70 members now! With a average of 13 people per patrol!
We are in need of civilians still! (Specially staff)


The interview discord link after applying is invalid.