Blue Country Roleplay | EUP | Friendly and Fun community | Hiring all departments! | 16+ Only


I went through a lot on this server, I would pretty much say it was a adventure for me.
First i went to the director called Hero. And he has done a little interview with me. I helped that guy a lot. He helped me a lot to be honest. 3 months ago when the community started, I helped my man Hero to get vehicles hire staff and all that.
2 months ago, I told him that we are going to be succesful and that we will be starting to grow.
I told him to trust me and all that, but when i said trust me, he actually started trusting me.
And we went from a total of 9 members, to a about 100 that got recruited into our community.
Now I can succesfuly say. We are a Official Community with succesful and great people.
David My.

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We have reached 70 members now! With a average of 13 people per patrol!
We are in need of civilians still! (Specially staff)


The interview discord link after applying is invalid.


Promotional Video is Out!

Made by Captain David M. of the BPD!


I have been playing here for about 4 days now and I have to admit, this server is perfect for those who are looking for a well developed, relaxed but also profesional community. They have custom skins on some of their police vehicles, and I mean, exclusive, not custom as in found on GTA V mods. Great community.

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I’ve been at BCRP for about a week now and at first I had mixed feelings, now I can see with a little bit of adjusting my RP style, this is a great server to roleplay on. The server is well developed.

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Blue County Roleplay is going through constant upgrades day by day, so if you are looking for a community that is always growing and improving then you should join us! :smiley:


We just went through another major patch update! Below are the patch notes!

  • New heli added, PDHAWK. Special for GNU and SWAT/SRU
  • New traffic vest for
  • BPD
  • RCSD
  • BCSP
  • MBU
  • (SOON) Traffic Enforcement
  • New sheriff uniforms
    • MBU uniforms
    • Main Uniforms added with ranks
    • K9 uniform added
    • Investigations uniform added
    • Search and rescue uniform added
    • Campaign hat added
    • Baseball cap added
    • Motorcycle helmet added
    • Traffic enforcement uniform
  • SO1 now includes k9 livery
  • SO6 now includes k9 livery
  • RCSD EUP Menu command -> /rcsd
  • BPD EUP Menu command -> /bpd
  • BCSP EUP Menu command -> /bcsp
  • BCFD EUP menu command -> /bcfd
  • PDswat2 added. This will include skins for all departments soon
  • New /me
  • New /ooc
  • New /id
  • Better optimization on some ymaps reducing lag!
  • Improved the menu script to reduce lag on some occasions.
  • Fixed fire script. Seems to be working now.
  • BPD Motorbike helmet added
  • New BPD presets
  • New BCSP presets
  • New RCSD presets
  • Removed unnessary models to improve performance
  • Route 68 includes a lot more trees

UNFINISHED: May be added today or tomorrow

  • PD Tahoe
  • State Taurus
  • Traffic vest larger version
  • New civ vehicle
  • New tow truck
  • BMW civilian bike
  • Harvey Civilian version
  • New charger with modifications

We would love for you to join our community!


Fire Cinematic by our media division!

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We are looking for amazing new members!
We have a very fast recruitment process!!!

If you like realism and good roleplay. You are welcome here!


  • New civilian vehicles!

Bump :smiley:


As I said before, this server goes through updates weekly to further improve the experience of all members. Some updates are even decided by the community.


-SO12 Added. Silverado!

  • Optimizations to carcols.
  • PDBIKE1 new light pattern!
  • SOBIKE1 new light pattern!
  • SOBIKE2 added

The Sheriff’s Department is looking for deputies!


Are you looking for a cool, serious and professional community?
Try Blue Country RP! We are looking for talented officers!

- Always liked leading a SWAT team?
- Enjoy helping the community?
- Commited to finish the job?

Then look no further! BCRP is just for you!


Great server, recommend you guys join it


Our media team just released a new video!




Hi yes I looked at the POlice Website, I can’t seem how to find to apply for something, and what Dept Command POsitions are open? I have experience with the FD and some with a LEO dept, but would love to get better with it!

My Discord tags:



You will need to apply on our website and press open applications!
I have also added you on discord so we can talk more!

Open command positions

BPD: (police / lspd)
Deputy Chief of Police
Assistant Chief of Police
Police Major

BCSP (Highway / state patrol)
Assistant Commissioner

RCSD (sheriff)
Sheriff Colonel
Sheriff Commander

BCCD: (communications)
Deputy Director
Assistant Director
Operations Commander

BCCO: (Civilian)
Deputy Director
Civilian Chief of Staff
Civilian Secretary of Staff

I hope that answered your questions!


Bayport Police Department is looking for new members!

We are looking for exciting police officers to protect and serve the city of Bayport!
We have a lot of vehicles to choose from and we have been going into subdivisions, with Traffic Enforcement on top right now. :slight_smile:


  • 16+
  • Fivem experience
  • Excellent driving
  • Commitment

Team 1 is looking for Sergeants and higher to support, advise and supervise the officers of BPD Division! With Captain David my and Lieutenant Jason Scott (Teamleader Division 1).
If you think you have the experience then feel free to show that at our interviews! :slight_smile:

Looking For RP Server
Rp player looking for a server
Recommendations for a new player friendly server