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thekilla is referencing a situation where myself and another community member were hassling each other over the sheriff vs state department. It’s a completely friendly rivalry that the two departments have had going for some time now, and thekilla, a brand new prospect in training, decided to get offended and started throwing shade on his/her first day (maybe second) on the job. The member was promptly removed because that is not the kind of environment we strive to achieve at BCRP.


A little vehicle showcase. (not all vehicles.) Of Blue Country Roleplay.


Anyone looking for a great community with realistic roleplay look no further.


New video by our media team member.


Media team got new stuff!

Server updates

  • All blue new state fleet! With traffic advisers
  • SWAT uniforms
  • More PD vehicles including port authority!


Server updates

  • Our police department is receiving a whole new design!
  • More EUP presets!
  • More civilian cars added!

We are looking for civilians! We are low on them and we require command staff and a Director. If you can help us out join our discord!


Bayport Police Department is looking for new officers!
Will you reinforce us?

We offer:

  • Good Salary (Ingame)
  • Fun and good environment
  • Lots of directions to go to! (K9, CSI division, etc)

Applications open next week for BPD!
Join to stay updated!

Server updates

  • Reworked BPD Vehicles
  • New texture style
  • Discord whitelist
  • New civ vehicles


One of our staff has made a vehicle showcase video!

By Sergeant David My


This is a community which is actually good i like stuff i like the Staff, all friendly no pressure on yall. :wink:


New state vehicle showcase!


Server Update

  • More BPD vehicles!
  • Transport vans added

Community updates

  • New sheriff!
  • New BPD Sergeant
  • More patrols coming daily! (we are going to try 2 times per day!)

We are in need of more members!
We are looking for Civilians!
Also looking for HR!



We are looking for civilians and civilian high command desperately!
We are looking for civilians that can make the patrols more enjoyable since we have a bit of a overflow on cops!

Please join our discord server and apply!
If you think you fit the role of civilian director and are active please directly message Director Torres! (Me)



  • Multiple new scripts added!
  • More police vehicles!
  • More subdivisions opened!


  • Civilian departments needs staff!
  • Fire departments needs staff!
  • RCSD needs more deputies!!

Apply now!



  • Fire axe added
  • New fire script
  • New taser added

We are looking for members!!!


We made a new website:
Here you can apply for BCRP!!




Great RP! great people, some times rp goes out of the way but still is good im happy to call it " My Main Communtity ". Great! Cool owner tho


Thanks a lot for the kind words. I appreciate that a lot! :slight_smile:


Since we do stream a lot here is a link to my current active stream (at this moment)


Since the last update posted here, we have made quite a few improvements to our community:


  • Addition of Tow Script
  • New Fire Script
  • Fixed Controls for Fire Department Vehicles
  • Additionally we have made many visual improvements to Uniforms & Vehicles

We will additionally continue to update our server and improve our community for the enjoyment of current and potential new members!