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About us

We are a FiveM community that has been up since December, 2018. We are working daily on server improvements and we reached the point that we are far enough to open it more to the public and looking more for members to help us out with policing, dispatching, and fire fighting. We are not the community that will give you a 20 page handbook, 10000 rules for you to agree on and screaming at members. We treat everyone with respect.


  • Beautiful Non ELS (custom)vehicles.
  • CAD/MDT system.
  • Never the same deal, every patrol is different!
  • Random events, such as concerts, disasters and so on.
  • Each department is unique.
  • Custom EUP uniforms.
  • Fictional Departments.
  • Radar and other advanced tools for LEO’s.
  • Civilians are able to have their own house and stores.
  • Fire Department have unique equipment and scripts!
  • Friendly and respectful staff.
  • Flexible community.
  • Serious RP. No drama during RP sessions.
  • Daily improving by member feedback!


Bayport Police Department

Bayport Police Department is our main police department for Bayport (formally known as Los Santos).

Chief of Police - Yesin Torres
Deputy Chief of Police - VACANT
Assistant Chief of Police - VACANT
Police Major - VACANT

You may find more information here.

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is our sheriff’s department (Formally known as BCSO).

Sheriff - Travis Cross
Undersheriff - VACANT
Sheriff Colonel - VACANT
Sheriff Commander - Dylan Anderson

You may find more information here.

Blue Country State Patrol

Blue Country State Patrol is our state department for Blue Country (formally known as SAHP).

Commissioner - Max Morgan
Deputy Commissioner - John Mike
Assistant Commissioner - VACANT
Chief - VACANT

You may find more information here.

Blue Country Fire Department

Blue Country Fire Department is our state wide fire department (formally known as LSFD).

You may find more information here.

Blue Country Communications Department

Blue Country Communications Department is our communications department for Blue Country!

Director - VACANT
Deputy Director - VACANT
Assistant Director - VACANT
Operations Commander - VACANT

You may find more information here.

Clay County Sheriff's Office

Clay County Sheriff’s Office is our sheriff’s department in Clay Country (Paleto Bay).
Currently closed!


Apply here!

Social Media Links

Join our (interview)discord here!

Our website!

Promotional Video

Very new to GTA V RP
Looking for Whitelisted Server (Rookie Roleplayer looking for a home)

Our police department is looking for members!
We are very low and require experienced people for PD that can run it!


Fire Departmment has received major updates:

  • Multiple trucks are equipped with a chainsaw that can free people from vehicles
  • EUP uniforms added, turnout gear, EMT uniform, indoor uniform. :slight_smile:

Leo updates:

  • Cones
  • Barriers
  • New vehicles
  • Spike strips


  • more EUP uniforms added.

We are still looking for Moderators and advanced staff that are experienced! We just updated our applications procedure as well :slight_smile:


What is unqiue about this Community that is not the same from other communities?


Well i always try to stay unique and not be a copy cat tbh with you. But i can proudly say that we are not a DOJ thing, we just wanna enjoy our times and play games together while also having some sort of guidelines and policies so it will not end up in a sh*t show really. Staff is flexible and we rarely give out warnings or insult others (unless you give us a really good reason to). We kinda focus it of America. The state is focused of Colorado springs, PD full on fictional and so is Sheriff. We want to make sure it is enjoyable for everyone and we don’t want to force people to do certain things. If you do not wish to attend a patrol that is fine. We host multiple patrols on the same day and we are growing rapidly. 9 days ago we had 14 members and now we are almost at 30. Which is pretty darn good for a starting community.

Other then that i am really proud to enjoy the time with the peeps that are in right now and we really just go on and have fun really. :slight_smile:


Hey there Herogus3xD i would like to get some more info about the server and how it works would you be able to send me a dm on my discord its SGT Grizzly#2952 and i probably would join and i’m planning on doing it just wany more info thanks for your time hope to get a dm on discord.


I will gladly talk to you at discord :slight_smile:


We have a shortage of civilians!

Our Civilian department is looking for amazing new civilians and civ leaders!



  • New sheriff fleet
  • Loadout scripts
  • Surrender script
  • Better emote script
  • New weapons
  • AI tow companies

And much more! We are looking for amazing members to join our community :slight_smile:



  • Custom object spawn script
  • Sheriff station upgrade with custom holding cells!
  • More state vehicles added


  • added more civ vehicles
  • custom police toolbox menu
  • sheriff has now warrant services, investigations unit and traffic enforcement

Great community with active staff and server is constantly being updated and added to for a better RP experience for all. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good RP experience.


Our beautiful sheriff’s vehicles have arrived :slight_smile:


A little showcase of our new state vehicle :slight_smile:
This is the style of BCSP goes with.


Discord link is invalid?


Heya the link should still work here is another link that i just generated:


I Would highly advise you NOT to join this community the staff are complete dickheads,
The players are eh but staff are very bad (they get heated over something so small) the director is not very smart of how to handle their server/staff team.

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Constructive criticism is always welcome. However, we do not appreciate being attacked by someone who is upset they were removed from our community. You were aggressive and disrespectful towards other players, and when confronted about it, became very hostile.

You can see here you state:
“EWWW someone got undersheriff cringe” - Disrespectful towards the accomplishments of others

You also state someone else is being annoying, which is disrespectful towards the members.

Even after they apologized, you demanded something happen:

When I attempted to approach you about the topic, you got very hostile and were interrupting me the entire time.

To anyone looking for a community, this is the one for you. We are realistic in our roleplay yet not too hardcore. We enjoy playing together, and have been growing rapidly since we’ve opened. Averaging at least 2 new, interviewed, and ready to patrol members a day. As you can tell, we will not take anyone who is disrespectful towards others. We take bullying very seriously, and will remove members who do so.

Thank you for your time everyone, and I hope to see you in our server.