Blaine County Sheriffs Office


About The Blaine County Sheriffs Office.

Hello, Im The Sheriff for the Blaine County Sheriffs Office.
We are a fairly new server, and we need people that strive to be the best at what they do!
We are a Department on a FiveM Server which has alot to offer.
We have Custom vehicles, Subdivisions, (K9, Traffic Enforcement, SWAT)
Our goal is to bring the best RP Possible to FiveM and give an amazing roleplay experience.
We are allways happy to help!


The Blaine County Sheriffs Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Blaine County Sheriffs Office is ensure the safety of the citizens, property and visitors through the enforcement of the laws.

To do this we must remain robust in the service that we provide to the people.

Vision: The world’s best organizations succeed because they are inspired by a strong vision. To make the scale of our ambition clear, the vision of the BCSO is:

  1. Make Blaine County the safest global county
  2. Be the best crime fighters, by any measure
  3. Earn the trust and confidence of every community
  4. Take pride in the quality of our service

Our shared values reflect the special nature and demands of policing Blaine County. They are so important to us, because they shape and guide the way we work.

*** Professionalism**
*** Integrity**
*** Courage**
*** Compassion**

We have just a few requirements.

You need Discord
You need a microphone
Must be able to speak some sort of English
Must be mature

So if you like what you see, Please Fill out a small application and i will get with you within 24 hours!
Application Link:

Discord Link:![PNG|690x249]



We need people! Ranks will come with experience!

Join the Discord today!