Blaine County RP! (DOJ)

Are you looking for a new, innovative community with a full roster of experienced staff members and developers? Blaine County RP (BCRP) is the community for you!

We are a unique community that is filled with experienced head administration staff, fantastic hard working developers, and goal driven directors who all seek the improvement of the community and strive for the enjoyment of all members of the community!

So, what makes us different?

  • Custom skins designed specifically for our community

  • Gorgeous vehicle models for law enforcement, the fire department, and civilian

  • Easy to understand Standard Operating Procedures

  • Experienced Head Administration who are all prepared to assist new members of the FiveM community and experienced ones alike

  • Custom made CAD system that is frequently updated

  • Fully Developed Discord server

Our Great Server Features:

• Discord Permissions
• vMenu with Addons
• Non-ELS Vehicles
• More vehicles coming…
• Custom M Menu
• Custom Unique Vehicle Graphics
• Helicopters & Airplanes
• Custom Modified Scripts
• Anyone Can Become A Cop, Fire or EMS
• San Andreas State Police
• San Andreas Fire and EMS
• Blaine County Sheriff
• Custom Civ Vehicles
• Media Team

Hope to see you join our server! If you have any questions, join our discord,and we will be more then happy to help you!

Thanks -AJ

Server IP:
Discord Link! :slight_smile:
Blaine County RP! ® 2018-2020.

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This server is amazing, they have wonderful staff, which are on top of everything, also they have amazing add-ons like cars and scripts, they enforce the rules, they have an amazing community, I suggest you guys should check them out!!:wink:

This is a good server I’ve been in here for almost 2 months I love everyone I treat them like brother sister this is a very good server I am a admin in this server it’s loved if you guys are looking to join the server ip is the name is Blaine County Rp I love this and rate it a 10/10

I have been here since a month after this server started and it has been great the whole time I have been here. I cant wait for many more good times on the server. I would ten out of ten recommend this server if you are looking for a home server I am a director on the server and I help in anyway shape or form. The server ip and the discord is already in here so if you would like to you should go ahead and join up. Once you get in the discord if you need any help with anything feel free to ask anyone for help we will be glad to help you. Both of the owners are very understanding and they like everyone. Its just a great place to have fun on and a good place to call home, and I will always call it home no matter what.

This server unlike many others has an active Dispatch unit which I personally love to see them in action. They have some great RP on the server and the server has only blossomed and grown in the past month I have been here.

I look forward to many more great moments on the server. If you are looking for a down to earth server that likes to provide great entertainment and great RP on top of it then this is the place for you.