Blaine County Roleplay | BCRP active server admins loocking for cops and civs


Hello, I am the server owner of Blaine County Roleplay | BCRP
What do we have in the server ?
-Custom Skin’s
-Custom Ped’s
-Custom Weapons
-Custom Map
-Custom Scripts
How long has the server been up for ?
1 Month

Now let me talkabout my server.
This is an RP server mostly based in Blaine County. We have lots of Staff members that are very nice and if you have a problem they will help you as soon as possible. Now for our server we are recruiting a Website Developer and a Server Developer if you are one pls join our discord . Now to be a cop (San andreas highway patrol or sheriff) You don;t need to apply you just tell the owner (me) what you would like to be and i give you the rank. We are called Blaine County Roleplay | BCRP because this is a fast growing comunitie. If we can get more players i would be even better.


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bruh what kind of a advert is dis


scrappy this aint your fucking server you stole it of my friend