Blaine County LIFE - Real Life RP Server


Hello Everyone,

My name is Zander and I am a County Commissioner for Blaine County Life. We are a community based on the sole decisions of our community and we’re looking for people just like you.

We aren’t like other RP servers where a single person makes decisions and takes no input from the community. We base all major decisions on a voting system from a total of seven County Commissioners which consist of Law Enforcement Officers, Fire and Rescue Personnel and Civilians.

We are looking for dedicated members whom enjoy providing real life role play scenarios and are looking for a permanent community. Our community offers custom server menus and full time jobs. We even have a ton of custom vehicles for your choosing. We are more than just a law enforcement rp server, we are a LIFE server. Feel free to LIVE!

We are currently looking for the following personnel:

First Responders:

  • Dispatcher (Part and Full Time)
  • Sheriff Deputy
  • Highway Trooper
  • Fire and Rescue Personnel
  • EMS Personnel
    Promotions available for: SWAT, K9, Traffic, Gang Unit, Aviation and Port Authority/Coast Guard)


  • Tow Truck Driver (Full or Part Time)
  • Armed and Non-Armed Security
  • Dedicated Civilians (People who keep the same character consistently)

Our Goals:

  1. Find dedicated and consistent members who offer real life RP scenarios
  2. Provide a full Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue/EMS experience
  3. Full map patrols and response
  4. Whitelisted server (Open server now and will receive Good Roleplayer tag based on performance for automatic acceptance to the whitelisted server)
  5. Full community involvement and decision making

What our server currently offers:

  • Custom Cars and Scripts
  • Custom Law Enforcement Uniforms
  • Server-side scripts
  • Partial banking system
  • Full LEO and F/R staff
  • Twitch/Youtube Streamers (Become internet famous!)
  • Consistent Administration staff (to deal with the trolls)
  • ELS and lighting control
  • Vehicle Gas Guage
  • Revive Script (Recently Added!)
  • Police Radar (Recently Added!)
  • Realistic Vehicle Damage (Recently Added!)

If this community seems to fit like a glove, come on over and join us for nightly patrols. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon.

(P.S: Ignore my username, might have been hungry at the time. :slight_smile: )

Server Name: Blaine County Life
Direct Connect:


We are now in the process of recruiting full time civilians and LEO/Fire for whitelisting.

Please feel free to join the server or Teamspeak and ask for an Admin for more details!

See you soon!


Finally have a full roster of Sheriffs.

Now we just need a few more State Troops and we’ll be good!

Now recruiting for Detectives, Gang Unit and Dispatcher!


so what about that one server named blaine-county? what are they? a knock off or?


I’m not sure what they are. I don’t assume what other servers are doing. We’re all unique.


I’d like to apply for sheriff deputy or highway patrol. New to the community, but love RP and its a great place. Thanks

preferably Highway patrol


Sure thing,

Join us on Teamspeak:

We will be holding a training session on Saturday, October 14 at 7pm eastern. If you are serious about joining us, come the training session.

Please fill out this attendance form:

Here is some important information about this training session:
Where: Sandy Shores Air Field
When: Saturday, October 14 @ 7pm
TS Channel: Field Training #1
Server: Blaine County Life Development Server (

Our training session will promptly begin at 7:15. Please be signed in, logged into Teamspeak with your mic muted and we will get things going. Please also make sure you join the correct server.

Slots are limited: First come, first serve. If you are not a current LEO, you may be removed so those LEO can attend as they are required. You may still remain in the Teamspeak channel, but will be removed from the server. There will be a live stream of it:


Thank you. I will see you tomorrow at 7pm Eastern.


oh my goodness. I misread this and thought you said sunday. My bad bro. sorry.


It’s no problem. You can jump on anytime and ask to speak to a Captain or Major to get an interview scheduled!


ok i will next time im on! thanks. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

We have made some major development changes to our server.

Here are a few of those changes:

  • Fully functioning CAD/MDT system
  • In-game Identities and Inventory System
  • Food and Hunger
  • Added Custom Cars (Honda, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Jeep and many others)
  • Slash Commands
  • Working Spike Strips
  • Fully Active Administration Staff

We are always hiring Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue

  • Full time Dispatchers
  • Sheriff’s Department
  • State Police
  • Fire Rescue and EMS

Training sessions are held weekly on Saturdays.

Come to our Teamspeak for more information or to apply today!

Server: Blaine County Life


As a county commissioner and captain of sheriff’s department I have got to say the police and admins are really nice I’ve been with this server for a while now and I enjoy it. - Cpt. P. Rodriguez of the Blaine county sheriff’s office


Is this still active looking to get into a good community.


Yes we are still active.


Hey jumboshrimp I would like to know the reason you banned me from your server. @jumboshrimp @Coohammy6



We do not appreciate failRP’s on our server. This is a REAL LIFE server where you make your own jobs and RP a LIFE. If anyone is seen messing around or not doing anything but driving 100+ everywhere, we ban.

If you want to discuss things further, join our Teamspeak:

Joining our community and being part of it is a privilege, not a right.


Oh I would love to discuss things, but oh wait. Thats right I tried already and you banned me from that with the reason. GTA 5 is rated M for Mature. Hmmm seems like the only inmature person is you.


As mentioned above. Also, attitude because you got banned wont be tolerated either.


Wow seems legit for your ignorance and stupidity.