Blaine County DOJ [Anyone can be a cop]

  1. IP:
  2. Things you should expect from this server
  3. -A wide selection of add-on Civ vehicles
  4. -Custom police vehicles
  5. -Some canadian vehicles
  6. -CHP Vehicles
  7. -Custom Uniforms
  8. -Active Staff
  9. -Anyone can be a cop as long as in the discord
  10. Rules:
  11. No using police vehicles unless in discord and on the Emergency channel
  12. No super cars without permission from Moderator or Higher up
  13. No RDM
  14. NLR Exists (New Life Roleplay)
  15. No stealing police vehicles without permission from admin or up
  16. No kidnapping police without permission from admin or up
  17. No VDM

Information - addon cars for civ (Not done yet)


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