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Welcome to! We are a new FiveM community and are working around
the clock to get more players to experience our server. We have 3 public service departments
including Blaine County Sheriff Department, San Andreas State Police, and Blaine County Fire
Department. We are currently accepting applications to all those departments on our website.

Our Teamspeak:
Our Discord:
Our Website:

What We Offer:

  • Fully Functional CAD System
  • 3 Different Departments
  • Custom Civilian Vehicles
  • Custom Unreleased Vehicle Liveries
  • Server Sided LSPDFR Script
  • Active Administration
  • Server Side EUP
  • Open Applications
  • Stable ESX Based Framework
  • Custom/Unreleased Police Vehicles
  • Anyone Can Be A Cop/Explorer Program

We would love to see you join our server and role play with us! Feel free to hop in as a Civilian
or apply for LEO/Fire Department on our website! If you are not ready to apply you can get a
feel for our sheriff department by becoming an Explorer!

Steps To Becoming An Explorer:

  • Choose the LEO Job From The Job Selector
  • Navigate To The Player Skin Area (F1/Player/Player Skin/Second Page) And Type In
  • To Get Your Loadout Type /explorer
  • Head To The Sheriff Department And Grab Your Vehicle From The Side Of The Building
  • Join Our Teamspeak @