Black Text After Command Typed


I am getting a list of black code after I type a code.


That’s nice. Now what? Need help perhaps? In that case give us some more info, what command did you use, which resources are installed, screenshots of that “black code/text”, etc. etc… :wink:


It’s more than likely an error. If it’s a script you write, fix your script. If it’s someone else’s, update it if you can. If it’s at the newest version, post in the resource’s forum topic.

Also, as @Vespura said, actually providing us with information as to what happened, what resource, commands ran, etc will help us help you a lot more effectively.


It’s every command and I have a lot of scripts installed. I’ll get the most updated versions


Check the error. It may do it for every command you run, but ti may just be the same script erroring each time.