🤠 Bingham County | Urgently Hiring all Departments | Supervisors needed | Fast Rankup | Custom Vehicles | Serious Roleplay!



:large_orange_diamond: ABOUT Bingham County

‘Bingham County’ is a recently created community on the FiveM Platform. We aim to bring you serious and realistic roleplay and at the same time keeping it fun, an enjoyable experience. you will receive some fun experiences to RP with, Such as News Broadcaster, and much

:large_orange_diamond: OUR VISION

We aim to create a community focused on realistic role-play, while still being able to have fun.
Here you will not find leaders and staff who are not too strict and unapproachable. All the way
to the top, we are down-to-earth and easy to get along with. We do have realistic emergency services
if you have an accident for example or if you crash play it off and make it into a Roleplay scenario don’t disregard it. Our training/orientation involves a lax “Learn as you go” system, with members coaching members.
every member will personally feel relevant in our community. if you are looking for a professional, yet fun group of people to role-play with, you’ve come to the right place.

:large_orange_diamond: Departments | Agencies:

:small_blue_diamond: Bingham County’s Sheriff Office
:small_blue_diamond: Sutton Bay Bingham Fire Fepartment

:large_orange_diamond: Sheriff Divisions:

:small_blue_diamond: Motor Bike Patrol
:small_blue_diamond: Special Weapons And Tactics Division
:small_blue_diamond: Detective
:small_blue_diamond: K9 Unit Division
:small_blue_diamond: Air One

:large_orange_diamond: SERVER FEATURES:

:small_blue_diamond: Realistic Police Weapons
:small_blue_diamond: Detailed Map With Postal Codes
:small_blue_diamond: Fuel System
:small_blue_diamond: Jail System
:small_blue_diamond: Hospital System
:small_blue_diamond: EUP(Custom multiplayer peds)
:small_blue_diamond: And more coming soon!

Screen shots(Kinda bad quality)

Deputy Vehicles:

Fire Truck:

Deputy Vehicle:

Detective Vehicle:

Special Weapons And Tactics Vehicle #1:

Mobile Command Units:

Fire Department:

Training Vehicle:

Los Santos Customs:

Sheriff Station:


Roster / SOP
Teamspeak is WIP

We’re looking for a good developer to collaborate with.
We’re mostly looking for a LUA developer, but if you’d like to help with anything else like textures etc your free to join our discord!

FREE | Vehicle Developer | Texture Developer | System Admin | Community Manager
I'm Looking for a Role-Playing Community to Call Home!

We’ve reopened!


Damn, I like it!


Server will be open around the 9th of February


Looks professional:)


Bump :sunglasses:


Joined and the first post was a list or 50 rules :confused:


look at the bottom there is a blue button for confirmation :wink:


Woahh is that a new station i’m smelling?


Wanna start a shop? that’s why we are here!


Why don’t you just do 1 post and post the pictures on that instead of making 3 posts in 20 minutes :confused:


We’re in need of Firefighters Join the discord to apply!


Who wants to get trained?


updated the discord link(now working)


bump, new fire vehicles added


photos maybe?


There you go…


SERVER is fully up, added new vehicles


Update, Bike Patrol and SWAT are active! Come and apply!
-added new eup features


Bump! NEW Map edits added