Bewdy Squad Gaming | Friendly Staff | Ton of Scripts and Vehicles | Recruiting all Positions

Here at BSG, we are an adult owned role playing server that is determined to provide it’s members with a realistic and serious role playing experience, giving the members freedom to use their creativity for any realistic role-playing scenario. A great effort has been put forward by our owners and heads for a one of a kind role playing experience.

Server Features:
BSGRP Website
• RocketCAD with FiveM integration
Custom RP Toolbox/Menu
-Civ & LEO Toolbox, Vehicle Options, Emotes, Ads, Object Spawner etc
• Other Custom Features and Scripts
• Full Economy ESX Based
• Whitelisted LEO/EMS
• 40+ Add on Civilian and LEO Cars
• Blane County Car Dealership and Car Rental

Open Departments:
• SAHP-Open
• Local PD-Open
• Fire/EMS-Very Open
• Civilians-Very Open

BSG-RP Images

M Menu Preview of Civ and LEO Toolbox

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Very good server to play on an be a member of. Members are helpful, respectful an overall good people play fiveM RP. I been in many servers before an there isn’t one like this promise that.


When I first joined this community, I was welcomed by two amazing owners. Both owners knew how most communities are and how they are mostly lead by people who are power hungry and only care about superiority. I finally realized that I am in a community that has people who actually care about their members and the community. If someone does their job bad, it doesn’t get shoved to one side and forgotten, it actually gets taken care of. If you are looking for a server, this one would be the best one to go to due to the amazing community and the leadership.


When I joined I met the two owners of this server and they were instantly nice and respectful the staff in this community is amazing helpful, nice, welcoming, and always happy to help new players when I play with this community I have so much fun I can’t wipe the smile off my face I love Bewdy Squad Gaming and happy to be apart of the bewdy family!

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The roleplay server hosted by Bewdy Squad Gaming is one of the best for a variety of reasons. With a dedicated staff, developer crew,and committed department heads; It’s a fantastic community to be apart of.

They operate on a realistic level at every opportunity and are very laid back. You will feel like you are part of the community and the family, everyone is welcome and accepted.

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Added a video showcasing our custom toolbox menu and RocketCAD