Better swedish Police Station 1.0 by xBlueSI in Dev



Hello! I’m xBlueSI. I like to work with 3D models and map making.
I decided to make a better swedish Police station. There are no advertising in there or something like that.
Will bring more things in the future. Leave comments if you got any ideas to add.
Commentary language can be on Swedish and English.

All links to other Releases will be reported to Staffs!

Locate: LSPD Mission Row

Discord: xBlueSI#6666




A picture or two wouldn’t hurt.


Where is it located? Can you add pictures?


Mission Row PD is where it’s located :slight_smile:


Does it just replace all the badges? Any Modelling done?


ive heard there were a resource where u will flaten this emblem? any1 knows about it?


I will try to fix the emblem bug.