[BETA] Web Admin Panel


ok, I did the column. But the errors are still there


Can we see a screenshot of the structure of your user’s column?


hello, first of all, thank you very much for sharing this amazing web panel ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ihave just some probleme with it and im looking for resolve the probleme.

I cant see vehicles list in the categorie.
I can see the number of vehicle or the trunk but not the name.

i cant kick too and no try ban for now ^^

Do you have any idea for resolve it plz ?

Again, thank you very much :slight_smile:


This is probably because you do not have plate in your owned_vehicles. I use the new version also I can share my edit version of the vehicle shop which saves the model name of the car i did this because the panel cant get the model name from a hash


Thank you for you anwser.
I use the new plate System of vehicle_shop

here is my DB_table
but yes, i dont understand in my vehicle list i have ugly name

I use Vehicle lock system too and here the name is more bad … i have Null etc … i dont know how i can resolve it.

So yes, if you can share your modified version that’s will be really cool :slight_smile:
( Sorry for my poor english :frowning: )


Yeah then it is prob the modelname you are missing in your database ill upload it asap


you are the best my friend ! :slight_smile:


Edit version of the vehicle shop is added to the post above.


i will try it now. Thank you very very much ! :slight_smile:


Well, All is perfect ! :slight_smile: i will can use it for my vehicle lock system ! and some other script ! Really nice
Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:


Your welcome glade I could help you out


I have a problem… and i know nothing in php ahah And i dont avec access to categories admin…


How… ? some pictures please…


Good news onces my domain name is done and I fixed adding admins I will launch the new version here. ETA not more then 3 days


If people want to beta test it with me to find bugs or improvements please let me know send me an DM
Please provide the following information:

Server name:
Your age:
Your Discord:
Your Country:
And of course Your Name:

Then i will pick some random people out to help me beta test it.

Current missing features:
Advanced Settings
Delete Server

So there is just a little bit more work to be done. but its ready to beta test!


Moved this back to discussion until its a proper release :wink:


Thank you Faxes :slight_smile:


Would this work on say a non rp server without money and buying vehicles ect?


Removed [Release] from topic title :stuck_out_tongue:


Readded [Release] because the beta is out :stuck_out_tongue: