[BETA] Web Admin Panel


Status of version 2

Have to rewrite the index and login and sessions then version 2 is done


As you may know i developed a webmanager a long time ago which is kinda broken and discontinued anyway.
I love to see something that is good and working. Just a few questions.

It looks like it only works with some resources (es,esx or whatever). Is that true or does it work as a standalone?
Does it have multiple server support and if no, will you add it?
As you are working with a database and cronjobs, its easy to implement a restart system. Will you do that aswell?


Hı How to open Panel Plz ?
Discord KeyTur#1357


Well basicly you could never make a standalone version of it because you need to set what you want to see from your database right,

So yeah this is currently only ES and ESX support, onces im done fully implementing these onces i will be working on a VRP side aswell.


not correct. a basic pannel could have kick and ban functionality. you could make them permanent with a simple json database resource (they work very well). Sure it wont have the full functionality but it would still work. basic player information can be fetched via json from the server and additional data (health, weapon, ammunition what car is someone driving) can be made public via (resource) json aswell. As login db you can either use a full database, sqlite or (again) it can access the json database of a resource.

Sad that everything nowdays requires some roleplay base resource. there are still people who do not play rp in any way. And Fivem is also not about RP only.


I guess that depends on your viewpoint. For instance, some might say that it’s sad that so many people release scripts and resources leaving out basic functionality saying things like “not safe to use in it’s current form” and then just leave the users to fend for themselves and write it’s fixes on their own instead of growing or fixing the script they released.

I’m thrilled to see someone make it to version two of something they released, regardless of what framework it’s tied to.


hah, guess you are picking on me here.
well, id be happy to do more but i cant. Back in the day i used to have plenty of time cause i had no job. Now i am a fulltime coder and i have a life outside of … this.

back to this resource. Why build an application that is build on dependencies and make it less usable for others? You should build a basic version with the intent to extend it. that way everyone can make use of it.

It is the way it is. Id be happy to give it a try. I also respected the work. but i am not willing - under any circumstances - to use one of (way too many) rp frameworks and resources.


The reason why its build this way to because i use it for my server.

And i showed it on the forum here and people wanted to use it. So now im trying to make it work for everyone ( esx first ) then extending it to be compatible with vRP aswell. Why? there are alot of server that are using this.
Why not standalone? because the server that have standalone resources made by them selfs they are capible of making it them selfs.

So this is why


How long until the update @SneakGaming I’m really excited to be using this.


God agrees


Currently very busy with work so this weekend I have some time off to work on it but I’ll make sure to keep you guys up to date


Hi I Have set up server correctly but get this ?

was hoping you guys could help


I would honestly wait until he releases V2 of this. It was supposed to drop a week ago but he said it’s coming soon. That should hopefully solve the problems everyone is having while trying to install.


Please take the time to read posts above yours. It’s not a good time to use this.


Quick update: I have been very busy preparing for the one sync release so I needed to optimize alot of our scripts that all has been done and I will continue working on this project.

I still working on the dashboard and an improved login also I’m making an installer which will install automatically so it’s easier to setup with your server. Wish me luck


If you haven’t, now would be a good time to switch your MySQL statements to PDO. Pretty easy to switch and is vastly more secure against injections than the legacy MySQL functions.


Here is a small preview of the first run script that checks if your tables and columns are there.
So its easy to find if you are missing tables or columns


can you drop here the files?


i have errors like this one. Reads the cars and money, but the online players are not showing.


Do you have a column online in your user table?