[BETA Release] VRP - LS Customs



ever get this fixed? this is my issue right now, and it’s annoying me


not yet but i think the next update for dunko’s vRP 'll fix this automaticlly


[vRP/C#] query exception vRP/add_custom_vehicle Anyone know something about it ?


how to fix?


Hello everyone!
I was on my server, and I bought a car using vrp_showroom , I went to Los Santos Costums to edit and after that I went to save the car, but when I took the car out of the garage the car became default , everything I edited was removed . I have the lscustoms plugin , do not know if it is installed right.


Hi i got a Problem after installing the script. My garges will not work. They do not show up anymore. You got a fix for this?

I use the Dunkos VRP framework