Best vRP system?


So I am currently looking for the best vRP system, weather I should go with the base or with an edited version. I recently watched DOJs latest video and the way they explain the system really does make sense. I would like to know what version they are using but mainly just the best version. Thanks <3


they are usign ESX not vRP


Whaaa you know I almost thought that to…


They mentioned it in one of there videos.


Now that I look at it I can tell, thanks xD. Still dont know if I should go with vRP or ESX now.


ESX ins Th wats vRP. :joy:


English please? :smiley:


Waaaaaat? No, just dont, fivem has already gotten a good dose of copypasta rp servers.


Kinda hard not to copy and pasta when there is only 2 RP Systems to choose from… Either you have a menu server, vRP, or ESX… would you like me to code my own? Hell let me just make my own GTA Multiplayer just for you.


._. fivem is for developers, not for people who dont have a damn idea of what code is, if you cant code or dont have time, then i suggest you play fivem


I think you’re a bit harsh, why are you up in everyone’s business… If you don’t have something useful to say don’t say anything. Telling people “Dont try leave it to better people” Is kinda a dick move. Its all about learning bc not everyone is as good as you bro. Stop being so stuck up and support others not bash them down, but I feel like that’s just your character, or how you were raised. Always talking down to people.


The average vrp, esx user knows little to nothing. The amount of “help me!” Spam is utterly ridiculous. I know a great deal about esx, i help some and facepalm others posts. Sometimes i do both. Have you seen the new dana carvey netflix special? " im not good at doing stuff, could you do it." The attitude of most esx,vrp users. We all have to start somewhere, but the problem is they dont want to start. They just want it done for them. So when you say its hard not to have copy pasta servers, i laugh. Customize your server to your liking. If you cant, thats your problem and no one elses.


I agree, this topic means nothing to me now I already found the system I want xD. I am not one of those “do it for me” I want to learn also and I try to figure it out before I even open chrome to come ask :D.


Same here, i spent three hours last night tring to find an alternative to streaming a .ymt. The .ymt streams properly but an error on user disconnect is not very professional. Heres what i do as a rule of thumb, i click on a users icon. If thay have been a member for year and still know nothing i ignore them.


Hahah I guess that works


My reasoning for that is this. In two days I’ll have been a fourm member for a yr. If i can learn what i have in that time period, anyone can. And keep in mind i was away from fivem for a few months and have only been using esx since i came back to thr fx server around november or so.


I cant deal with it being in french and me having to use locals and shit, I change those and half the time things still in french. Like my job under the money is still french when everything else is english.


I removed all locales and actually translated each script. Job labels are in the DB, change them there. I Removed all the configs, blips and markers. Made one file with one loop for blips and same for markers.


Sounds like you should talk to some people and release your edited version of all that. Kinda like Dunko vRP edit, because Im sure MANY people would appreciate a more setup ESX then just the Base.


No. Another copy/pasta server is the last thing fivem needs. Why do you think i spent all the time to customize it? I dont want my server identical to another. Although because its esx there will always be similarities.