Best VPS?


Just wanna ask a simply and easy question

What’s the best VPS for FiveM?

Or the one you use.


I use for $7 a month. The support is amazing as well. Fast replies and everything which imo is what you want in a support team. But I have the basic Linux system 4cpu, 6ram etc it’s overkill more or less but still cheaper than the Zap and it’s servers are based in the US. Mine is in Dallas, Texas. I range bout 40 Ping give or take. They also have servers in other countries as well.


Alright, thank you.


In my opinion…


Thank you, David


I would say


Thank you, will check it out :wink:


yes, it is about ~ 20% cheaper than our linux VPS but their Windows VPS are much more expensive than ours
Our FiveM gameservers run on windows dedicated servers only - I am not sure if the Linux version of FiveM servers is as stable as the Windows version.
But you’re right, we currently do not provide any servers in the USA. This will come in january expected (Dallas, Texas).


Depending on the type of server you want to run, you really don’t need too much to do it. In most cases is going to be your best bet.


Thank you.
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Any good Windows vps servers hosted in the us?


They’re on the pricey side but are very reliable, have good ddos protection and have amazing customer support.


I can vouch for this, Ran 2 servers with this host! Great host