[Best practice] Improve your resource performance


that’s what i’m trying to do… the main problem here is how to find the right script that causes it since it only happens when 26+ players are online


I suggest doing what @d0p3t suggested, see how many queries there are being executed. Probably some script that scales badly with the amount of people.


thanks for the advice :smiley:


The esx_policejob, esx_mafiajob and these esx job things are very FPS looters. Is there any way to improve them?


which version are you using?
and how you know that they are fps looters? you got drops in the near of the markers?!


Yes. I got some drops because of it. And my version is… esx_mafia.rar (40.3 KB)


Hi! I have a ELS script and this is the only script that appears as time warning. Any idea to fix this? This is a car-mod script.


Out of curiosity, what’s the suggested method of tracking down hitch warnings? Server isn’t even near cpu or mem capacity and seeing a cascade of hitch warnings. No resource time warnings or errors.

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