Being Harrassed How Do I Block and Report them?


Template is not related. I simply have no idea how to report a user. I look thru profile options and can’t find a block or report button. This person (I am keeping them anonymous to prevent hate towards them) goes on every topic i reply too and messages a paragraph of hate and not to listen to my support suggestions. Note: My suggestions are not to damage in any way. This started because they are false advertising there server to get more people to raid the one I am in because they were banned from it. For the past 2 months this person has been getting the people on his discord to raid and steal members from us. If there is a way to report him and block him please let me know.


I don’t believe Discourse has a report button or something. I guess you could put a suggestion in? Just try to ignore the DM’s and messages for the time being. I don’t even know if the elements can view your DM’s. I would like the idea of this. I feel bad for the guy being a dick, only advice I have is to ignore him.


Flag the posts.


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