Beginner wanting to learn C#


So I want to learn C#, primarily for FiveM scripting, recently found myself the time and motivation to start something like this, which I should of done when I was younger (I turn 19 this month)

So the problem is I don’t want to look at guides that are for Windows, but more for GTAV/FiveM but a proper .pdf or video where I can understand what everything is and learn by myself and not just looking at someones pre-made code and following the same thing as them, which doesn’t really help me at all

I just want to learn C# primarily for GTA so I can learn to make my own scripts or gamemodes and hopefully if all goes well, I can be like some of the experienced devs one day

Please don’t tell me to use the search bar or go on youtube, I want to properly learn from the beginning and get used to the C# language where then I can move to FiveM and begin learning FiveM functions etc.

Thank you for reading this


Documentation on C# for FiveM is quite scarce compared to Lua, but id say try and learn the basics of C# and how you lay stuff out, then read up on This and try look through the forums or create posts if needed to get more information. You can find the native reference Here so you know what certain natives do, there is also sites for GTA:V modding which could also help, although the layout between the two when it comes to writing code for it differs a bit, you can still get the main functionality out of it.


Thank you @IllusiveTea