Bearly5M, more than just your typical roleplay community


Hey guys, JayWoosh and the rest of my community here to present to you Bearly5M, or B5M for short. In essence we’re the start of one of FiveM’s first non-strictly roleplay only communities, with a gamemode in the works that’ll get your blood pumping in a well excecuted, well coded enviroment, but that’s for later.

What are we offering at the moment?

Currently we’ve got our first of many servers open and ready to play, an RP server with heavy customisation and custom coding to ensure you have a unique roleplay experience. Multiple experienced coders and brainboxes have collaborated to create a roleplay enviroment that will adapt around it’s community, instead of being ruled and content decided purely by the owners.

Current features of our roleplay server;

  • A heavily editted framework allowing for all kinds of interesting unique roleplay.

  • A full jail experience, visiting rooms, working in jail to shorten your sentence.

  • Established whitelisted players to ensure you have a fun and engaging roleplay experience.

  • A new method to sell your drugs, no longer are you going to ask random people if they want meth, or standing in one spot and selling to a doorway. Our unique new system has people contacting YOU for drugs so you can get the full experience of being a real drug dealer.

  • Twitter - It’s not your typical slash command, it’s a fully integrated app on your phone featuring a sleek GUI so you can socialize in style.

  • A staff team that won’t interfere with your roleplay, so long as you’re within the bare rules, and you’re playing fair, you’re more than welcome here.

  • A variety of jobs to get you earning money, or you can choose to just sponge from the goverment.

  • Custom vehicles, with skins created by members of the community.

  • A community full of friendly players.

We’re always open to ideas, and we take suggestions seriously. If it’s possible in FiveM, everyone loves the idea? Consider it in the works.

So what are you waiting for? Find us on the server list and come play with us!

Direct connect to or search “Bearly5M” in your server browser.


Fun server. Got arrested within the first 10 minutes.


lovely server, and a nice place to stay


Definitely worth the stay. The community that has been established is fantastic and fulled with like minded people who enjoy RPing together. The staff are well picked and have had experience of being an admin for years in different games - tldr they know their stuff.

I’m an active developer for the community, with extensive knowledge on FiveM and GTA V natives - I can practically make anything as long as there is a native for it. As a developer, I’m striving to put out unique, fun scripts for people to use.

Even if you’re doubting the server, keep it in mind and check it out now and then.


First time on B5M and I already know I’m going to return again…and probably again after that. You guys just stop in and you will see it’s sweet. The car mods are really dope and some of the custom skins of certain motorcycles are going to have me grinding some cash quick. This really is a different kind of community and I’m liking the vibe of this city. Feels like the place I’ve been looking for.


Server is down? Really liked the description…


Unfortuantely so for the time being. :frowning: Due to funding and development free time, we had to postpone the project until a later date. Thanks for taking interest though :slight_smile:


is there a discord to join would like to have a chat