[BCSORP] San Andreas State Police Recruitment Post | Seeking Developers & Supervisors |



This is an “Advertisement” if you will for the San Andreas State Police within Blaine County Roleplay Community otherwise known as BCSORP.

Recruitment Post

What does the state Police do?
The State Police will when full have 40 sworn officers, and 4 non-sworn positions, with 3 primary divisions which are Operations, Operational Support, and Professional Standards.

Operations will be responsible for protecting and serving the citizens of San Andreas, this division will house all 40 sworn officers split up into 4 patrol divisions:

North Division: Responsible for covering Blaine County
South Division: Responsible for covering Los Santos
Highway Division: Responsible for covering the highways in San Andreas
Auxiliary Patrol: for those who play a civilian role, and would like an opportunity to go LEO

Operational Support houses the non-sworn positions and the departments subdivisions such as:
K9 Patrol
Motor Unit {Motorcycle Unit} [Highway Division Only]
SWAT {Special Weapons and Tactics}
SRT {Strategic Response Team}

Professional Standards houses the administrative and field training roles in the department such as Internal Affairs, and Field Training.

SASP’s Website: Click Here
Sergeant Application: Click Here {Current Sergeant Vacancies: 4}
Entry Application: Click Here (The Application is extremely brief)
BCRP’s Main Website (if you’re interested in other departments): Click Here


What is BCSORP?

BCSORP is a community that has been around for a few years beginning on the Xbox 1. In Recent events, the owner “Cheetah Drew” otherwise known as the communities commissioner, decided to open up the PC division and a FiveM Server was put up. If you are interested you may fill out an application to join, and you will be contacted within 24 hours of submission.

What Kind of Server is BCSORP?

BCSORP is a Community with a “Player driven economy” meaning the community is not ran by 1,000 different scripts governing most of how the game is played. We tend to focus more on scenarios, and intend to build a fully operational justice system [court, bailing, parole, probation, etc.]

Our Fleet: http://www.bcrpstatepolice.weebly.com/fleet

Development Request


I am looking for a developer [or developers] who can do any 1 or multiple of the following:

  • Model Vehicles
  • Create new liveries [4k if able]
  • Create FiveM Resources

I am willing to give access to the server, once you prove that you know what you’re doing!

If you’re interested, contact me on discord: Shino#2738

Thank you,
ASCN Shino
BCSORP - State Police Director 15-01