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Bay Area Roleplay
Est. June 2018
Age Limit: 13 years

Roleplay Experience:
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be great. At the rare occasion that something goes wrong, you can Contact A Member Of Staff and File A report on that person.
All Complaints within BARP are looked into, to ensure member’s satisfaction. Based Off of LA

Many Departments:
There is a diversity of departments to choose from in BARP!

Los Santos Police Department [LOOKING FOR HEAD]
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office [LOOKING FOR HEAD]
San Andreas Highway Patrol [TAKEN]
Blaine County Fire Department [LOOKING FOR HEAD]
Blaine County Communications [LOOKING FOR HEAD]
Sandy Shores Police Department [LOOKING FOR HEAD]
Civilian Operations [TAKEN]

LEO Experience:
You Will Be Trained By The Best! One Of The trainers Would Be Me, The Owner! You will be trained on how To Conduct a Traffic Stop,Person Stop. If Needed Motorcycle Training,K9 Training,Ect

Things That are needed To Join,
• 13 years old.
• Own Grand Theft Auto Five.
• Own a working Microphone & Headset.

What We Have To Offer

• Custom LEO Vehicles
• Custom Fire/EMS Vehicles
• Custom Civilian Vehicles
• Custom CAD/MDT
• Custom Buildings
• Active Members
• Active Staff

Lasty,We Hope that You WIll Join Us As We Need Police Officers,Troopers,Sheriffs.


Bump For Post And Server


(20 careters or something)


(20 careters or something)


(20 careters or something)


(20 careters or something)


(20 careters or something)


Bump. Guys We Have 4 Departments Open. For Heads

Looking for a good RP server to join
Looking For A Good Car Server

Bump!! Please Join And Stay For A While!


Bump!!! Name change with Logos and photos!


Are you still looking for department heads?