[Banner] Post your banner here


Hey guys, today i start this topic because i made a banner and i want to publish the result here and see your work :wink:

Important: Please make a message like me
My banner:

Language: "PHP"
Open Source: "NO"
Font: "Open Sans Font"
Design: “Flat” & "Fully Customizable"
Special Features: "You can post a MOTD and all people will see it in real-time"
Your note: :star: :star: :star: on 5
alt text or alt text


This is very good banner




@kanersps i think it’s your first banner, i can give you some idea use Flat Design and Flat Color (you can get a lot of color on www.color-hex.com) and make an awesome banner :relieved:


New one,


This one’s mine


@kanersps good job & pincer too :wink: