Banned for NO reason (really NO reason for god sake help me, I never use anything, I just installed and play GTA V - RP)

5 Days ago I just grab some friends and start our funny fantasy in one RP Server, playing GTA V. We just installed the game and start the gameplay. I’m trying for god sake, fix that injustice. I NEVER put any mod or something inside my FiveM… please guys, just please, I really need go back to still playing my RP with my friends.
This is my first “City” and my first RP server, I’m new here and for that reason I choose to not put any graphics mod or anything with fear to get banned… and now we are.
5 peoples from my server have the same problem.

English inst my native, please be patience with me. If possible I can give you guys any information to prove my innocence.

Sorry if I’m posting this in wrong place. I trying guys…

Server IP:
Lasted version of Game and updated
Legit Game

Windows 10 lasted version.


Steam (I rly have the game)

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Before they talk about the final decision of the global ban, please remember that I am a user being harmed and did not commit any infraction, there are thousands of complaints about the same subject and you just do not solve it … there are good people like me being wronged. People who did not break any rules.

I paid almost half of my salary in GTA 5 to have FUN with my friends online. And now what ? 15 days ? This is the time of my license of my work and I only have this 15 days off from entire year… there is no ban that can not be taken out if it is applied unfairly on a player who simply installed the game and FiveM and started playing … without doing anything different. I refuse to believe that there can be unimportance in something that is clearly wrong. If the support here can’t help me, please you guys can point my any direction to fix that ?

Cry me a fucking river… lalalalallaallaa…

Learn from it and dont do stupid shit.

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Dude, I’ll talk again, I NEVER USE ANYTHING. You can be nice now ? Pleace ?

Perhaps this server forced you to install any plugins?

Some car mods, regular mods for custom like cloths. I dint see anything wrong, but I’m new thats why I’m crazy here.

a ban can not be undone, you must have unknowningly injected something into fivem, this could also be your antivirus or some FPS program.

like the message states, fivem staff can do nothing about this.

This do not make any sense for me. I really just install and play and now “ban can not be undone”. I know this system have to catch ppl doing bad shit. But idk how this system hit me and why, for this reason do not make sense for me, cuz here in my Server 10 ppl take the same ban (in this case proving the game buyed and no Cheater) and all those ppl have the ban undone in the same day and I have proves about that, but for me… 4 days and waiting.

If you see my history before been banned, I’ve playing 13/14 hours for day or more. I have a great character in my RP and I’m streamer, take the ban with live on, my ppl do not understand anything. And all ppl saw ur Contributor sending me cry a river.