Ban, Yes i read it



I have no idea where to post this other then here. It’s not a tech support question more of a shout out to Fivem. THANK YOU for finally starting to crack down on people using Cheat Engine and what not. I appreciate it. I had someone hop on my server and use cheat engine and basically dupe 4.5 Million dollars, What an outrage. I Know right!!! but anyways. thanks for the laugh (i tested cheat engine on my server xD) now i wait 9.5 days to go back to my own server… Dankkkkkssss.

Anyways. Thank you FiveM i’m very glad you guys are cracking down on this. i appreciate it very much!


I dont really use ESX but it is good that they are supporting server owners and the frame work allowing FiveM to expand, hopefully they come back and make it in 3035 when GTA:6 is finally released lol


His post didn’t mention ESX at all…


Well by ESX I mean a non-menu based server using an economy system where a anti-cheat comes in handy.


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