Ban will expire in 0.0 days?


i have a massage if i wanna join a server

"You have been banned […] This ban will expire in 0.0 days […]

what can i do?


You need to wait for at least 60 min. You’re ban will be lifted within that time.


okey thx for the help!


Mine says 0.8? whats that then?! I haven’t played in nearly a month…


it means wait for the timer to run out… just be patient.

odds are you gotr roughly 8 hours remaining if its going by days… or maybe 18 ish hours either way… 0.8 is almost a day so wait it out, im not sure how exactly they worked out there time frames but i mean… asking wont make it go away :wink:


Well I know that I just haven’t been on in ages and it’s weird how I’ve got a ban for something I’ve not done… but cheers


i mean, no one can say they got banned for something they have not done… the moment you decided to inject something into the game its your own fault for getting banned no matter the reason behind it… even if it was a friend or family member or your dog your Game Your Computer is your responsibility.

Not sure how no one understands that and comes up with excuses until there blue in the face.

But hey, If thats the story people want to stick to instead of using mods that dont inject into the game which is against Rockstars EULA themselves as well then all the power to ya.


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