Avoid ddos




I don’t know if here is the right place to post it, but, yea maybe a topic that could help other people too. Tonight i am ddosed by someone. How can I avoid being ddosed and how to track the other guy his ip? Someone got some recommendations too ?

thanks in advance


Well first of all, is your server being DDoSed or your home IP? If the first, get a new server ip, ask your host on how to get a new ip. If it’s the latter then you’re probably playing on servers that don’t have endpoint protection enabled. Take a look in your server.cfg file, it should contain something about endpoint_privacy. Make sure it’s set to true and the # is removed before that line.


Also going with a host that offers DDoS protection would be beneficial if it’s the server. Hosts typically don’t like changing out IPs regularly for various reasons. Plus it isn’t that hard to get the new IP to DDoS if your server is being targeted.


Thanks for your fast reply. It is certainly my server beiing ddossed because no-one could connect anymore to the server and when launched got alot hitches. … and yes my privacy endpoint is luckily on True! Maybe i ll follow your recommendations andere ask à new ip.
And yea my server got already ddos protection. I am at ovh, but even with protection m’y server was out for about 3hours


DDoS protection is never a 100% guaranteed solution. You will still notice downtime or slow services. However a lot of bandwidth usage can be prevented thus saving money.