Automatic chatroles/ admin only chat



Here we are presenting our admin only or our automatic chatroles chat.
We made an option too enable or disable adminchat.

automated chatroles

everything is clearly explained in the read me file in the github.

credits to @Mwilko95 and Jager Bom


this seems like a useful base, although i would not recommending querying the database for EVERY chat message.


i know, but looking for it to make it better. but yet have not much time. Maybe you know better sollution? I can get look into it :slight_smile:


you can just get the players’ role upon them joining, maybe update them every 5 minutes or so and store it in a table, that way you won’t have to worry about spamming the database when there is high traffic on the server


i must admit never really worked with tables but will defenitly look into it when i got some more time


Yea when I get home I might jump through it and have look at making it tables. Not that great at lua tables but I get the basic idea and would be good practice.


link isn’t working , can you please update it ?


any update on the tables issue?? also link not working


Download link is borken, maybe someone can give us a new one please?