Auto Pay Fine



Hi there , I would like to know if you guys have a script that could automaticly remove the mony from a player account .

For Ex:
I’m a Police Oficcer in a RP Server but the players aren’t paying there Fine/Bills, so i was hoping that one of you had a script that would automaticly remove the money from the players account when you fine him .


Better send them to collections!


there are a 101 ways to take money from a player via an API call from a web based cad, or that craap bubbles CAD the is so common … the question comes down to what options are available to you and your server?

To run a remote sql query and manually take the money by force, then your game server must be configured to allow remote SQL access.

or, an even easier way is to convert fines over to bench warrants based on timestamp ( 10 days over, send them to jail and charge a 15% interest rate ) …

as stated … there are 101 ways to deal would over due fines.


hmm that not a bad idea thanks @JJones64


the title states ‘discussion’ … i dont believe anyone mentioned a ‘specific script’ … not 'pushing a script, and not pointing to scripts … as far as i am aware, there is no public release CAD that is capable of interacting with any of the public release cores … in fact, most of the CADs with exception of OpenCad 2.0.1 is capable of interacting with 100% of the ESX core, and even that requires extensive code line injections to multiple plugin parts ( and that version is being sold as access just like the bubbles cad that everyone claims to be ‘unique’ in 95% of the server adverts.

OPs question was specific to what options were available to him … and those options are limited to the configuration of both his CAD, and his server…

As far as the english language dictates, it has been a ‘discussion’ of options, which implies that it fits into a ‘discussion’ topic. …

please try to keep your panties dry.