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Australian Roleplay is a roleplay community using GTA:V (PC) and FiveM to create a realistic roleplay experience. Established in 2010 using GTA:IV and know as “The Force:Australian Roleplay” the community grew and shortly became “AVES (Australian Virtual Emergency Service)” after building our community around the emergency services it was time to expand to civilians, and that was the birth of “Sydlife Roleplay”.

Sydlife Roleplay started to wind down as GTA:V became more popular and modifications like Five:M became available. On 26 Oct 2017 it was decided to relaunch the community as “Australian Roleplay” in the GTA:V universe, with all the knowledge and skills learnt in previous versions of the community, Australian Roleplay has quickly become a leader once again in the GTA roleplay communities.

Today Australian Roleplay has three areas of operations within the community, Fire/Ambulance, Civilians and Police.

Civilians are the life and blood of San Andreas. From owning your own house, having a job and even obtaining your drivers license and vehicle registration, there is loads of quality roleplay available to civilian members.

The San Andreas Police Force is responsible for the law and order of San Andreas. The Police Force is made up of three main functions, Field Operations, Specialist Services and Corporate Services. Patrol the streets in a local area command, the highways in the traffic & highway patrol command or undertake specialist operations with operational support group or investigations branch.

The San Andreas Ambulance Service is an integral part of the primary healthcare sector in San Andreas through the delivery of timely, patient-focussed ambulance services. The SAAS operates a state wide service that provides pre-hospital emergency care to all residents and visitors of the great state of San Andreas. SAAS delivers timely emergency care from three Ambulance Response Networks (ARNs) covering the entire state, with crews responding from eight strategically placed ambulance stations.



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