Auf meinem Server funktioniert das passwort nicht was nun?


Hello everyone
I have the following problem and indeed
We’re doing our own server because at that time our withelist zickt we wanted to make a password in but that will not take over no matter how we write it in the server cfg what can I do?

#Keep this here, it stops some errors
restart sessionmanager

sv_scriptHookAllowed 0

change this

#rcon_password $[RConPassword]


I have no idea what you’re asking, however…

Uncomment the rcon_password?


I want to make a password on our server! but if we enter this in the Server.cfg you can also without a password why and how or what we do wrong?


the above was just the last bit out of our server.cfg


That is only for rcon. That is not a password to get into server. There is no way to do a password currently (that I know of). You would need to use a whitelist.


Okay Thank you very much
But then I have the question how can we get the withelist now to run because there is a manual or somehow something where you can build step by step turn?


There are many whitelist scripts, search the forum!


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