AtonementRP - Whitelisted Roleplay - Hiring Cops and EMS - Whitelisted Gangs Custom cars



Come on over and help build our numbers… great group of folks!


Had some fun last night!! It was the first time I’ve been kidnapped! No worries, Corporal Moses is OK! When I catch that Turner kid though, can’t say the same thing for him!

All Emergency Roleplay Community l Server Side ELS l Pull Over AI! l EUP l LSPDFR Based Server l Daily Patrol's l Custom Lore Friendly Cars!

numbers are going up!! Come join in and get whitelisted today! We have a whitelisting process to keep our server on point. This isn’t a server that you are going to get RDM’d or VDM’d for no reason. Strictly a RolePlay server, not GTAOnline. If that’s what you are looking for, then come on in!!

You can have up to 3 different characters at a time that you can switch between and make stories for. I currently have my Deputy, whose life is loosely based on mine. A MC President, haven’t gotten him out much just yet…and I just created a New character that is going to be “expendable” depending on the right RP scene. Its a lot of fun coming up with these backstories for the characters and trying to bring them to life on screen! if you do decide to kill off a character, or if they “move off”, you can delete them and start a new one. This is great for when you enjoy being a cop, but just don’t feel like it today… fine, switch characters and go do some dumb stuff, or just be normal and get a job Trucking! Its all up to you… Come join the fun!! We are looking for a EMT CHIEF so if you are experienced, come prove it!

Gotta stay warm folks!

Still wanting more EMS and Civs to come join us!

Looking for a good community please read inside

Great server, the devs take alot of time to work hard on updating things and giving more variety. I have seen alot of stuff in this server used that no other server has before. The Seven Deadly Sins have come and made their home here. Like to see more people join in the RP that has been created!


Come help get our numbers up! looking for active members for Serious RP. No RDM or VDM in this server! thank God! Whitelisted Story based server. Come join us!!!

Server Dev Looking For A New Home

Tis the season to freeze those Nips off!
Hoping for Population to rise after the new year! Come join our discord and help us plan an event for the population to have fun doing!