AtonementRP - Whitelisted Roleplay - Hiring Cops and EMS - Whitelisted Gangs Custom cars



Yours truly received some Corporal Stripes last night!


Come get you some of this speed trap! :wink:


Gassing it up for duty!

Crime scene


Prison escort for a known Crime Family that was busted.


Every Cops dream… Putting out fires! LOL not really!


Got your Six Fellas… time for a Search of a known terrorist…

Experienced Roleplayer Looking For A Server To Dedicate to!
New player looking for mature server to call home

Stake out on a “Bait” Car.

Tahoe… Big boy approved!!

I am looking for a gta 5 FiveM roleplay server as a member and I also have some fire department vehicles that I can bring to the server

Watching The Bait car…


Cruising the Mountainside watching out for the Meth Heads…


Lucky i didn’t get stuck this time! This actually led me to following a guy that wound up shooting someone at the local garage. Fun times!



Yall come get whitelisted today!


Here’s a server event we had the other month in which the Mayor was assassinated.


I love the events on this server! Had a terrorist blowing up motorcyles inside each PD on the map, leaving a note at each one giving us a clue to where the next would be. In the end, a deputy’s name was on the list… im curious to how it is going to play out. Yall come find out too!

Misplaced FiveM Civ looking for decent server to enjoy.. Please Read beofre responding

Admins put it in for LEO’s down time! Pulling over “Locals” for fun!!


We have the LSPDFR Script going for when population is down, gives us something to do. Local took the Sheriffs Dept on decent chase…ended with her nailing a tree… didn’t end well for her. I love having this LSPDFR add on in the server for when numbers aren’t up. Y’all come help give me a better chase! OR come join me in doing the chasing!


We have new training grounds for LEO. Come get whitelisted on our discord and get your App in for LEO!! Just got new squad cars with a new Livery. Pictures to come soon im sure. Come join in and help us get our numbers back up…


Our Numbers have been down since some of these new games have came out, however, we are still trying to make time for special events weekly and trying to get people on at certain times together… Come help get our numbers back up! if you join in and see no one on, hit us up in discord and people usually start hopping on. This is still a great community to be a part of!


I think the Griswalds might be in town!


New whitelisted crim org, Seven Deadly Sins are in the city purging the corrupted cops and anyone commiting a deadly sin. We are recruiting our ranks in the org. Fun server to be in come join the fun.