AtonementRP - Whitelisted Roleplay - Hiring Cops and EMS - Whitelisted Gangs Custom cars



Welcome to Atonement Roleplay! We’re a newly formed community which was built on the idea of having an enjoyable roleplay experience!

We are a story based RP community, which means the entire server has an overlapping story that will involve the entire server as a whole, and we invite YOU to take part in it!

Check our discord @

Join Our Teamspeak @

What We Offer -



Whitelisted Gangs

Custom Placed Houses

Custom Cars


Drugs! (weed, Coke, Lsd, Meth, Opium, and Moonshine)


Drug Effects


Currently Being Developed -

Cooking Food

Cocktail mixing

More drugs!

More gangs!

More stuff for Cops!

More Stuff for EMS

We are always updating the server and we’re looking to get more people to play with us and enjoy the experience with us!

We hope to see you on the server!

I Want To Join A Community
Potentially Looking for a New GTAV RP Home
New guy to fivem looking to commit services to a Server
Looking For Good FiveM Community Out There
Active Law Enforcement Officer Looking for Server
Looking for a good serious RP server
Looking To Join A New Server- Have lots of Experience RPing (842 Hours In Game)
Looking for a serious fully whitelisted server
Looking for a server to be a cop! [ENG/PT]
Looking for a Server
Looking for a good serious RP server with Vstancer
Experienced LEO Looking for work
Good roleplay server?
Player looking for a server to join!
New Here
Trying to find a place to dispatch
Searching for a Whitelisted Community!

Been on the server for a few days now, has been a lot of fun. Come check them out!


Come check out this "story"based server. Bring your character to life with a backstory for all to find out! For instance, I have a Biker that is the President of the Los Santos Reapers MC. He hails from North Carolina where he was the Sgt. at Arms. Once being released from Prison out in San Quenten Cal., the National President made him start a Chapter out West due to the fact that he made so many contacts there… Plan on starting the MC up in due time. Come join me! (this is just my story, everyone has there own to live.)


My main character had his interview yesterday for PD. He is now a Cadet…can’t wait to see what this server has to offer. Ya’ll come on out and join us! There has been Serious RP so far, no breaking character from what I have seen!


Come Check out this Economy Based Server! They have great pay checks that help you obtain money for vehicles quickly. Several Job openings! Come join us today! Serious RPers.


Finished my first day of training as a Cadet yesterday… Yall come on out and give me someone to arrest soon! Ha…


I didn’t have a chance to hop on due to work, however, according to discord we had some great RP the past couple of nights! Get your characters backstory made, make him/her, and come join our story!


Hoping to be on later tonight… hop in our discord and get started on the process today, and come on out and RP with us Tonight!!


Had a great night of RP. Already finished with second phase of training… This is the first server ive been on that has actually gotten me in on training for LEO ASAP. Got to patrol on my own for a bit last night! Come on out and join us! We had 17 at 10pm on a sunday. Good stuff!

First job before PD… catching some fish for some easy cash!

1st pursuit last night!

Enjoying a “root beer” on my break. :slight_smile:


Currently have 14 ppl on at 11oclock on a monday! Things are looking up! Come be a part of it!


Gotta keep it clean…

Wish i was cool enough for a car like this. This is what Jealousy looks like

Guys tried robbing a store…Didnt realize what was coming to them i guess

Yall come join the fun!!


Come join some serious RP. Live your characters life! Join PD/EMS or work any of the other MANY jobs that this server has to offer! This server is like a big family! When nothing is going on you might just find a crew of ppl on the beach kicking it at a bonfire, drinking and having a good ole time! Join the server and get Whitelisted! If you have any questions just hit us up in the server or /ooc

Looking for a realistic RP server

If you are looking for a great server with great people, look no further!! Its been fun every day since I started! Come check us out in discord, get a app in for whitelisting, and have fun!!


We are looking for active LEO… if you enjoy RP as a Police Officer come on and sign up on discord to be whitelisted! We have a new Firing range, “killhouse”, and agility course set up. Its fun RP as a Cadet! We have active staff that here to help get you trained quickly. I went from Cadet to Officer within a week because they were willing to work with my busy RL schedule! We have active admins/developers that are constantly working on things and updating things to bring us the best community possible. Come on in and join up today!


Training Facility! Come join and become a Cadet in our new Training academy!!

Looking for a new community

Trying to start up The LS Reapers. Come join in!


Still have a good number nightly! Come join us and lets get the RP rolling!

Im looking for a decent size good rp community 15+ and Send Disocrd link in reply

Looking for active PD. Come in and apply, get your interview out of the way and start your training! This server got me through training faster than any other server I’ve been on.


Transitioning from PD to LSSD… Love the new uniforms!


Come Apply Today!