Assistant Director/Community Manager For Hire! (Roleplay Communities Only)



Brief Introduction

Over the span of the past two months, I’ve been community hopping with several different community positions, leading me to conduct a detailed mission where I find myself searching for a community that I can call “home”. Whether it’s helping a brand new community grow, or helping an established community strive for excellence, my experience and personal strive will without doubt help your community reach where you want it to be! :slight_smile:

My Experience

  • LEO Department Head for 3 Roleplay Communities (All for the state/hp department.)
  • Former Director for A 50 Member Roleplay Community
  • 6 Months Spent Managing A LEO Department
  • Brief Dispatch & Civilian Manager Work

My Skills/What I Can Do

  • KEY SKILL: Organization
  • KEY SKILL: Productive Work Ethic
  • Manage/Lead A Department/Community
  • Create Organized Community/Department Documents (Via Google Docs/Sheets… etc.)

Community Preference (Not Requirements)

  • Whitelist (Public servers are nice too. :wink: )
  • Have A CAD/MDT (Or plan on obtaining one.)
  • RTO Channels on Discord/Teamspeak

Possible Positions

  • Assistant Director
  • Community Manager
  • Community Administration
  • Department Head
  • Department Administration
  • & Others!

INTERESTED? CONTACT ME! (Or Drop A Comment Below :slight_smile: )

Discord: H-Town33Hustla#5160Preferred
Twitter: @ H_Town33Hustla


Hello, I sent you a friend request on discord as Echo 1A-1


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