Assertion failed : ScriptHost.cpp line 322



I allow myself to open a topic here hoping to be in the right section for that.
For a few days, my server is full (32/32) and other spam players to connect. Since this moment I have noticed some untimely crashes of FxServer (version 374). I’ll add you below the line I have the crash display. She’s still the same …
Maybe you have a solution to bring me? Thanks again to the FiveM developers and the community for all you do.

Tanhk you all

CRASH : crashfivem


I don’t have a solution or anything, but I know for a fact that the developers of FiveM are aware of this. (from a discussion in discord couple of days back). Hopefully it gets fixed soon.


Thank you dude.

I am a little reassured. I do not understand why I did not have this problem before … Can be go back to a previous version of the server files (example 348). If developers are aware, this is a good thing because it does not necessarily come from my server.


I have this exact same issue with my server, @Blake!

Is there an existing build that seems to be more stable than the latest for you?


Just always run latest if you can. Up until now i haven’t seen any changes related to the issue :confused:


Are you sure dude ?
What version please ?


That is what I am doing now. Just hoping to see an update to fix it sooner rather than later… :alien:


What I like here is that we ask a question for the developers, but they do not even bother to answer. I am not asking for a date on this issue, but just knowing whether they are actually aware of it and whether they are actually working on solving the problem. It is a pity to leave us in the vague


It’s simple, there’s not going to be any answers on posts about ‘problems’ unless we actually have anything to say about them. We read all posts on the forums and every single issue with multiple reports in unique topics has us be aware, it is just simply the fact that we can’t provide any more information about this issue.

This one simply has the bit of info that it started since a deadlock fix that would cause the HTTP service to stop responding at times, and that some memory on the stack gets randomly overwritten with a 01, but we don’t have a repro yet so can’t do any work on fixing the issue whatsoever.