Artifacts in the picture


When I open the Simple Trainer menu or other menu on the server side, i see artifacts in the picture. I guess that it started after this update. (I’m convinced that this problem is not related to the video card)

Nvidia 650Ti 2GB
Windows 10 1709 16299.64
Game graphics on High
GTA5 1180 - Legit - Social Club
No any graphics mods installed

My screenhots:

Screenshots of my friend:

I tried to record the video, but the artifacts stopped immediately.

Video of my friend:

It started today, when i updated the FiveM.


In the video looks like it’s happening whenever he’s rapid-firing the flare gun. With Lambda Menu open nothing seems to be wrong unless he starts shooting?


Probably has something to do with the PC not being able to handle it along with pushing it with rapid firing the flare gun… Just my guess.


My friend’s PC is much better than mine, and earlier the same shot, but there were no such artifacts before.

I think that artifacts are associated with some specific place and the native DRAW_***
When I opened Simple Trainer and server-side menu my fps dropped to 10 and strong artifacts appeared.


Our PCs do a great job with NFS PayBack, so I do not think the problem is in the PC


I mean just looking at the video you are getting like maybe 40 FPS…


It was not me who was recording the video. But it’s bandicam ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Today i again caught artifacts already in the empty world (without los santos).
Here is already definitely nothing that can load a PC. And this is exactly the problem in the FiveM