Arizona Roleplay Community



Arizona Roleplay Community is a new community with veteran players who know what it takes to run a smooth community.

We have four departments available for hire.
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Pinal County Sheriffs Office
Bellford Police Department
Civilian Department

Currently, all Departments are open for applications. Right now we’re in need of civilians and Officers for Bellford Police Department the most.

We have a server going up on Wednesday (12/06/2017) and our first patrol is on Friday (12/08/2017).

Our server has CAD/MDT, warrants, bolos, etc that can be seen on website under the “resources” tab. In our server we will have cuff, jail, drag, emotes, ads and Twitter, fuel script, mello trainer, gps location, real estate (coming soon), and other helpful scripts to aid in serious RP

We’re a casual group of guys only seeking the best RPers FiveM has to offer. We expect the best from our community members and to uphold our high community standards.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of the newest and best FiveM community then check out our website at and register there. Once we get the applications up in the next couple of days, new recruits will have the opportunity to apply to their desired Departments. Registration will be accepted same day and applications and interview process takes no more than two days to complete.

Once registered to our website we will give the Teamspeak information so you can come get to know our great staff and members.

We want to grow and have enough Civs and LEOs to be able to whitelist the server so we can have serious RP only with no randoms and no cancer in the server.


This server uses stolen assets from the Georgia Roleplay(GRP) servers. How they obtained a copy is unknown at this time but their staff are snakes. Each individual in this community were disciplined and given many chances while still being in GRP. With them having a complete version of our server there is also a chance they are using our license keys as well. For proof of them using stolen assets from our server, reference the screenshots below.

GRP Chat Commands resource on AZRP:
GRP Chat Commands resource on AZRP:
Silverstone county charger on AZRP:

AZRP Resources:
GRP Resources:

As you can see if you take a look at the dates of the resources on the Georgia Roleplay FTP and compare them to the start time of Arizona Roleplay you can notice that we had these scripts long before them. More specifically “azrpadmin” and “azrpwhitelist” are just renamed versions of our admin/whitelist scripts. Hell, if you look in the AZRP resources you can see “grpcuff” right there.


We left because your community is trash. Lovett has built our server from the ground up. He’s done more in 7 days than you have since you have been “developing” GRP. Nice try.


Lol okay, I’ll be waiting in New York.


Stop with these cyber threats, Waffle don’t threaten someone like that.


I do what I want. Thanks for the advice though.


Actually you can’t do what you want, Bullying and Harrasment is not tolerated on the forums.


Here is what the Arizona RP staff does to your steam profile when you remove them from your community. That server will probably last a good week with all of the stolen scripts and data they have. Have fun getting shut down.


LOL I didn’t see all of that. That’s fucking great. Best community out there.


I’m the only one that got the boot. Jimmy left, Deano left, Himlet left, Lovett left, Andy left. The list goes on. Nobody wants to play with you faggots, sorry.


Blount, you match the description to a T on that post by Jimmy. I wonder why he posted that on Mafchir’s steam profile and not yours.


Both of you STFU. This isn’t a forum for your petty RP drama shit. If you want to argue, do it in the fucking PMs. We don’t give a shit about this cancerous behaviour.