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All departments are open and looking for applicants!





Come Roleplay in beautiful San Andreas as a civilian! Civ applications are always open and are looking for applicants now more than ever, come join today!



All departments are open and looking for applicants!


I see some unrealistic things about your server since I live in Arizona irl. DPS stopped using Crown Vics since 2008 and your Phoenix Fire Department isn’t properly set up for the vehicles.


Thanks for your input. We are a virtual gaming community and try to mimic realistically as possible to how the Real Life Departments work. Keep in mind we want our recruits that came in; have a wide range of options to choose from.

Keep in mind the community is still growing and changes are always being made to better the community.


I understand and thank you for the input, but keep in mind what Anderson said, this is a FiveM community, so we want to give a wide variety of content to enjoy, like the Crown Vics, they obviously used to drive them, so we added them. I aswell live in Arizona so I understand how it might not look super realism off of the bat.

Secondly, our fire department is extremely primitive, it has not been opened yet and there are little to no “accurate” vehicles for it to perfectly match the Phoenix Fire Department, we do the best with what we have available.


The Maricopa County Sheriffs Office is looking for new Deputies to join and explore their Warrant Services division! Applications are open!


Ranger 1 - AZDPS Air Support Division


How many dispatchers do you have?


I want to join just because of how professional ya’ll took his criticism!


Haha, well I honestly don’t have a good idea of how the average server owner takes criticism, but anything someone says about the community into consideration. Its just how we do things here.


We recently opened Dispatch and we currently have 5 dedicated dispatchers and 3 reserve dispatchers.


I applied, and was interviewed. He said something about a training later on tonight, so I might be a dedicated dispatch by patrol today. Cheers, C-105


Trooper on scene of the Yellow Jack Inn overseeing another party in a investigation


Phoenix Fire Department is coming soon!


Arizona DPS is open and looking for applicants!