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Yesterday we had our biggest patrol in this community to date! Check it out below



Maricopa County Dispatch is now open and looking for applicants!




All departments are looking for members, Citizens Of Arizona in certain could use new members so if you’re interested, we encourage you to apply now!


Phoenix PD is open and looking for applicants!


Citizens of Arizona is always looking for new members!


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is coming soon!


Today, we released the Sheriff’s Office and it is now open for applications! We had a great, successful patrol with them tonight, applications are OPEN!


Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is OPEN and looking for applicants!



Such an amazing server!


I am a member of OCRP and has my fair share of joining multiple servers and I was a member of ALRP as well before focusing on OCRP more as I dont have enough time for both! I recommend this server for anything that is looking for a server with great staff and great members. This server may not be as big as DOJ or OCRP but this far by the best small server I joined and I believe it will become better as I am friends the owner as I RP with them sense my first server where we met. I know how they RP and I recommend to give it a try and see!